Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...


Hello our valued visitor, We present you the best web solutions and high quality graphic designs with a lot of features. just login to your account and enjoy ...

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Jar Allah Corporation for Solar Energy Services

  • Design of all solar pumping systems
  • Installing solar energy systems and solar pumps
  • Providing services related to water projects and solar and electric pumps
  • Providing highly efficient services related to water and civil works in accordance with international standards (the field) and specifications that help humanitarian organizations to achieve a rapid response in the field of water supply..
  • Implementation / provision of consulting services for the implementation of water with solar and electric energy and all works related to civil works
  • Assessment of existing water projects and identification of emergency needs and the level sustainable in emergency situations..
  • Analysis of technical and financial offers
  • Supervising the installation of pumps and generators according to specifications


Spanish General Pumps

We at Jarallah Solar Energy Corporation.. We put in your hands the pride of the modern Spanish industry.. Modern technologies and high-quality operational capacity. Water pumps known for their high strength and efficiency and with high specifications.. and reasonable prices.. The best submersible pumps of various sizes and types. General pumps.. Longer life.. higher and largest achievement ever

الواح شمسية
Canadian Solar Panels

High production capacity with high efficiency The best ever for the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors..The authorized distributor in Yemen Jarallah Solar Corporation

الواح شمسية
GE Solar panels

Designed to generate high-power electric power to cover the needs of commercial companies, factories and agricultural pumps.. GE Solar products have proven their efficiency and high ability in reality with the certificates of quality testing and inspection companies. The company manufactured and shipped huge quantities of more than 63 gigawatts until the end of 2020

Kama Agricultural Plows

Agricultural hand cultivators for farmers from the giant Kama company, available in the following sizes (12 horses - 10 horses)

ejection pipes

The pride of the Indian industry .. Sophisticated technology, advanced performance and world-renowned quality Available in diameters of 3, 4, 5 and 6 inches Pressure 16 bar and pressure 26 bar To overcome the salinity of water in wells The alternative to iron expulsion pipes bears severe salinity The processor bears pressure up to 26 bar There are sizes of 3 inches Up to 6 inches and lengths up to 3 meters


The best quality at the most appropriate price in Jarallah Solar Corporation, the largest percentage, the strongest technical support, and the longest warranty period. Inverter Inverter is available in all capacities from 2.2KW to 160KW

protection system

The protection system against lightning strikes only at Jarallah Solar Energy Corporation, the best prices, competition and the most possibility

collection box

It contains DC circuit breakers and lightning protection diodes in Jarallah Solar Corporation

Solar panel bases

Fixed and movable iron and aluminum plate bases, all according to the customer's request, only at Jarallah Solar Corporation